Intelligent Barcode Inspection: ODV-2D Technology

ODV-2D technology from TSC Auto ID

Say goodbye to the frustrations of unscannable barcodes. ODV-2D technology from TSC Auto ID, an innovative barcode inspection print system, ushers in an era of operational efficiency and supply chain precision.

Excited? Want to see the ODV 2D in action? Check out this video.

Automation Made Easy

The ODV-2D elevates your barcode labeling system beyond mere printing-and-apply. Integrated within the printer, this advanced barcode verifier meticulously inspects each barcode on your labels against stringent ISO standards, simultaneously scrutinizing both quality and data accuracy. No more manual label audits. No more wasted employee hours correcting errors – or the fear of killer compliance fees. The ODV-2D takes charge, automatically overstriking and reprinting non-compliant labels with surgical precision, saving you valuable time and resources.

Accuracy Reigns Supreme

Confidently navigate the complexities of your supply chain with the assurance of unerring accuracy. TSC Auto ID’s ODV-2D technology, available on our premium industrial T6000e and T8000 printers, ensures your barcode quality. data flawlessly matches your WMS, eliminating costly discrepancies and misdirected shipments. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing each label carries high quality, scannable barcodes and the right information, and a mechanism to automatically fix errors.

Experience fast labeling speed with the ODV-2D's on-board barcode GPS. Whether printed with native commands or PDF format, this ingenious technology pinpoints the barcode coordinates in real time to ensure all barcodes are full inspected. Tackle labels with dozens of barcodes or more – the ODV-2D handles them all with unwavering performance.

Transparency at Your Fingertips

The ODV-2D fosters complete transparency through its rigorous data validation and grading processes. Every scanned label is meticulously assessed, with our Data Manager tool detailed results for every barcode on every label can be captured and later converted into convenient CSV reports. Gain valuable insights into your labeling operations and use the data to defend barcode quality compliance fines.

The ODV-2D's brilliance lies in its seamless integration with the printer. With its "no setup, no changes, just print" philosophy, it blends into your existing workflow, silently working its magic in the background. Experience the power of intelligent labeling without disrupting your operations.

Two Sizes, Infinite Possibilities

Whether you print 4” wide or 6” wide labels, the ODV-2D gives you the flexibility of to cater to your specific needs. Its minimum inspection requirements guarantee no error goes undetected, while its intuitive interface ensures even the non-tech-savvy can harness its power effortlessly.

Use-Case: Automotive

Automotive production is revving up, demanding more from every component, including labels. With an estimated one square meter of labels per car, manufacturers and suppliers face the daily challenge of high-volume printing. The automotive industry needs labels that are tough enough for the factory floor and versatile enough for immediate, high-quality printing. Our commitment to the automotive industry shines through in our innovative thermal printing solutions, engineered to conquer these label challenges head-on with the ODV-2D barcode inspection solution. To learn more, dive deeper in this recent Automotive Industry use-case blog.

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Invest in operational excellence, unparalleled accuracy, and the serenity of knowing your supply chain hums with perfect harmony. The ODV-2D from TSC Auto ID is not just barcode inspection technology; it's a game-changer. Contact TSC today and discover how the ODV-2D can transform your operations into a symphony of efficiency and control.