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All it takes to create a major supply chain and production issue is not having the right part, at the right location, at the right time. For example, a shortage of computer chips impacts the number of cars being made.

If you work with Walmart, you’ve likely heard about their initiative requiring all items arrive at Walmart stores with RFID smart labels by September of 2022. As a Walmart supplier or barcode professional, how do you navigate the recent RFID initiative?

It’s our mission to provide quality printers and quality service to our customers. Between our exclusive line of innovative products and software, to our comprehensive service programs, we aim to support you with everything you need to maintain peak printer operations in your business.

We are dedicated to providing innovative label printing solutions and tools for immediate tracking and identification of business-critical items through

In our last blog regarding RAIN RFID numbering systems for pharmaceutical products, we looked at the three well-defined numbering systems currently in use.

In the TEKLYNX blog post, “Better Connections For More Secure Barcode Labeling,” TEKLYNX Operations and IT Manager, Anthony Bienie


If you want to sell to large companies, you will likely need to meet sustainability expectations.

The retail industry continues to grow as demand for products increase. With this rapid expansion, it becomes increasingly difficult for outdated product-tracking systems to keep up with the high volume of customer orders being made.

Fish processing is a multi-billion-dollar industry that involves extremely expensive machinery and facilities, labor, expertise, and numerous Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) to transport the fish and byproducts during their journey.