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How Barcode Verification Streamlines Automotive Supply Chain

TSC Auto ID is a leading provider of barcode printing solutions for the automotive industry. We understand that automotive production requirements are constantly evolving, and our printers and technology are designed to meet these challenges.

  • Minimize downtime by reducing labeling errors
  • Ensure compliance with Auto labeling regulations
  • Boost accuracy, supply chain efficiency


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Points To Consider: Auto ID for Manufacturing

Whether labeling parts like engines or pistons to meet compliance, or leveraging RFID tracking on tire labels, Auto Identification systems create value through accuracy, efficiency – and reliability. Before investing in an Auto Identification tracking system for your automotive manufacturing supply chain, be sure to look at these three points:

  • Barcode Verification System

    Your supply chain depends on accurate track and trace processes. One bad barcode can bring your whole operation to a halt, as well as creating killer compliance fees or chargebacks. Our barcode verification system, featuring ODV-2D technology, ensures accuracy with automated precision.

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  • RFID Tracking

    RFID tracking on automotive parts like tires, tools, equipment, subassemblies and kits allows instantaneous track-and-trace capabilities, while meeting complicated labeling regulations. Digitize your supply chain by embedding details like part numbers, maintenance schedules, or even environmental data, and unlock a whole new level of asset management sophistication down to the item level.

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  • JIT for Auto

    The right parts, at the right time, at the right location. This drives the modern JIT supply chain to reduce flow times within production systems and minimize lead times times from suppliers to customers boosting your profitability. Learn precisely how critical data is derived from barcodes, and how it drives your JIT supply chain.

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Download Today! If you're feeling the fast-paced pressures of delivering value in the modern automotive supply chain, then save yourself some stress and download the TSC Auto ID Automotive Solutions guide. This guide will show you how to reduce down times, eliminate chargebacks, manage inventories and automate labeling to streamline your operation. Plus, TSC printers can verify 2D barcodes, ensuring accuracy throughout your entire supply chain.


Automotive Solutions Guide

Why TSC Auto for Automotive Manufacturing?

Reliability Brings Profit

Automotive suppliers form a critical piece of the Titanium Economy-the often-invisible industrial technology sector that is manufacturing high-performance products and valuable innovation, jobs, and growth. You are redefining the future of manufacturing, and you need a partner that can match that hard-working spirit. TSC printers are built for heavy duty tasks and can print labels fast, keeping up with production demands. We pride ourselves on minimize an attribute we call MTBF or mean-time-between-failures to keep your plants focused on shipping. Find out more on how we help you minimize downtime, improve efficiency for just-in-time manufacturing, eliminate charge-backs and improve customer satisfaction.


Compliance Fees

RFID Tracking for Auto

TSC Auto ID has a reputation for designing industrial printers with versatile features and rugged durability. Our innovative RFID printers are no different.

The RFID printer series offers solutions for every application from high-volume industrial printers to enterprise-level desktop printers. We offer features that are hard to find, including 4-inch and 6-inch print widths, the ability to print on standard RFID labels and on-metal tags and a 600-dpi version for small labels. TSC Auto ID RFID printers are easy to use and easy to calibrate. And, like all TSC Auto ID printers, they are easy to install, include the industry’s largest selection of printer emulations, and offer compatibility with PrintNet Enterprise remote printer management software.

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Automotive Manufacturing Printer Family

Our comprehensive product line is designed for automotive manufacturing enterprises large and small. That's why they're called "Enterprise-grade." Enterprise-grade is a term used to describe equipment that integrates into mission-critical systems like yours and the infrastructure you use to improve and maximize productivity. Our automotive solutions feature products designed to optimize your traceability programs, shipping and logistics workflows, and your warehouse, asset and inventory management functions comprising industrial, desktop, RFID, and mobile printers and barcode verifiers. From sturdy industrial models to mobile printers that even mount directly onto forklifts, TSC Auto ID provides a vast array of solutions to keep your supply chain humming.

Model4" RFID Printer - T6000e6" RFID Printer - T6000eRFID Printer - T4000RFID Printer - T4000RFID Printer - T800RFID Print Engine - PEX-2000 4-inchRFID Print Engine - PEX-2000RFID Mobile Printer - Alpha-40L
T6000e 4"T6000e 6"T8000 4"T8000 6"T800PEX-2000 4"PEX-2000 6"Alpha-40L
TypeIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialDesktopPrint EnginePrint EngineMobile
Duty Cycle10,000 labels/day15,000 labels/day2,500 labels/day20,000 labels/day1,000 labels/day
Max Print Speed14ips@203dpi, 12ips@300dpi, 6ips@ 600dpi12ips@203dpi, 10ips@300dpi14ps@203dpi, 12ips@300dpi8ips@203dpi, 6ips@300dpi18ips14ips5ips
Print Resolution203dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi203dpi, 300dpi203dpi
Max Print Width4.1"6.5"4.1"6.5"4.1"4.1"6.61"4.1"
Max Print Thickness2.2 mm2.2 mm2.2 mm/0.10 mm2.2 mm0.19 mm1.2 mm1.2 mm0.16 mm
RFID Capable--
ODV-2D Capable----
Built-in EmulationsTSPL, ZPL + 7 othersTSPL, ZPL, + 3 others
Mean-time-between-failure (MTBF)16,000 hrs20,000 hrs8,000 hrs22,000 hrsN/A
Standard Warranty2 year comprehensive
Available AccessoriesBatch rewind, Peel & Present, Heavy Duty CutterBatch rewind*, Peel & Present*, Heavy Duty CutterBatch rewind, Peel & Present, Heavy Duty CutterBatch rewind, Peel & Present, Heavy Duty CutterCutter, PeelerRibbon saverRibbon saverOver 15 unique productivity-enhancing accessories

* Not available with RFID for 6" width.

Free Engineer for Automotive

What is a free Quality Engineer worth to you? Watch this video to see how this one exclusive Automotive solution can equate to a free quality engineer.


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Success Stories

How a Leading Manufacturer Tackled MRP Label Challenges with TSC Auto ID’s Barcode Inspection Printers

How a Leading Manufacturer Tackled MRP Label Challenges with TSC Auto ID’s Barcode Inspection Printers

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a pivotal price control in countries like India, overseeing consumer goods prices to protect against illegal pricing. Its core objective is to uphold consumer awareness of commodity prices. In India, precise labeling is vital for direct retail, requiring all pre-packaged goods to display crucial information, including MRP. Fines are imposed on manufacturers who fail to comply with the 2011 Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Registration (LM-PCR) rules.

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