How Easy It Is: Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit for Mobile Printers

How Easy It Is: Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit for Mobile Printers

In today's fast-paced business environment, mobile printing solutions are becoming increasingly essential for field workers across various industries. However, ensuring these printers are secure and functional within the confines of different work vehicles can pose a challenge. TSC Auto ID, a leading innovator in barcode and label printing solutions, has introduced two new mobile printer accessories designed to enhance usability and flexibility: the Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit and the Fanfold Media Holder.

The Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit is designed to streamline the installation and detachment of mobile printers within vehicles. This kit provides users with the ability to effortlessly attach and detach their TSC Auto ID mobile printer from the vehicle mount instantaneously. This is achieved through a specially designed plate that securely fastens to the base of the printer. The adapter can then be connected to various extensions depending on specific application needs.

Flexibility for Diverse Applications

The beauty of the Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit lies in its inherent adaptability. The adapter can be screwed onto third-party mounts, such as those from RAM Mounts, ensuring compatibility with existing equipment within your fleet. Alternatively, the adapter can be attached to TSC Auto ID's external Fanfold Media Holder, ideal for environments requiring higher media capacity for longer run times.

The Fanfold Media Holder Kit includes a full media box, a tether to secure the quick release bracket, and a feature to secure the bracket to the vehicle. This thoughtful design ensures the safe and secure installation of the printer in various vehicle types. Most importantly, the quick release design allows for effortless detachment of the mobile printer when needed, providing exceptional flexibility for multitasking within dynamic work environments.

Universal Compatibility: Embracing the Alpha Series

Both the Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit and the ‘Fanfold Media Holder are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with TSC Auto ID's new generation of Alpha Series mobile printers. This ensures compatibility across the entire Alpha Series models.

Incorporating these mobile printer accessories into your operations can significantly enhance efficiency and user experience for your field workers. The Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit's adaptability and ease of use allows for swift printer installation and detachment across a multitude of vehicles, while the Fanfold Media Holder ensures optimal media management in higher volume applications. By implementing these solutions from TSC Auto ID, businesses can elevate their mobile printing capabilities and empower their workforce to achieve higher productivity.

VIDEO: The Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit

Excited already?  Want to see it all in action? Great! Just visit the TSC Auto ID video here.

Applications: Warehouse & Distribution

Applications for the Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit and the Fanfold Media Holder are diverse. For example, warehouse labeling demands speed, accuracy and efficiency. Mounting your mobile printer on your forklift enables efficient labeling, and with a Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit system employees can labels inventory from aisle-to-aisle through the warehouse at optimized speeds, and without losing accuracy.Plus, if a mobile printer happens to get accidentally drop during a long day of work, you can rest assured knowing TSC Auto ID mobile printers have tested for withstanding drops of up to 1.8m.

Durable and rugged, the Alpha series also offers seamless mobility communication through either 802.11ac Wi-Fi, or MFi Bluetooth 5.0, with NFC tap-to-pair setup.

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Invest in operational excellence, unparalleled accuracy, and the serenity of knowing your supply chain hums with perfect harmony. The Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit from TSC Auto ID is a game-changer for many applications including warehouse, distribution, logistics, retail and more.

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