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How Barcodes Power Just-in-Time Manufacturing for Automotive

Understanding inventory location is the key to a strong supply chain and Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing execution.

In this next edition of our TSC Auto ID Blog Series “Rev Up Savings,” we tackle Just In Time manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Power Up on the Go: New Power Adapters for Charging Mobile Printers
To keep your mobile printing operation running smoothly, no matter where the road takes you, the power supply must be reliable and rugged. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of two new mobile power adapters designed specifically for charging mobile printers in vehicles, including increased power for diverse fleets.
A Tale of Enduring Partnership by Peter Ku, ARKTECH
In the realm of AUTO ID technology, longevity often signifies not just survival, but thriving in a dynamic landscape. For ARKTECH, a key player in this field for over three decades, our journey has been marked by strategic alliances and impactful collaborations. At the heart of our success lies a longstanding partnership with TSC Auto ID, a relationship that has not only weathered the tests of time but has also flourished, shaping the trajectory of both entities in profound ways.
How Easy It Is: Quick Release Vehicle Mount Kit for Mobile Printers
In today's fast-paced business environment, mobile printing solutions are becoming increasingly essential for field workers across various industries. However, ensuring these printers are secure and functional within the confines of different work vehicles can pose a challenge.
Rev Up Savings: Free Quality Engineer for Automotive
What is a free Quality Engineer worth to you? In this installment, we test drive that question, because the US will always be a nation of cars and drivers. A new study says roughly 95% of Americans own or have access to a car or truck and they are going places given the US boasts the largest network of roads in the world at over 4.1M miles. What keeps these cars on the road are the quality standards employed by assemblers and part makers around the world.
Five Linerless Labeling Facts You Should Know
The concept of environmental sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years. Regulations further strengthen the circular economy to support sustainability, aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral, environmentally sustainable, toxic-free, and fully circular economy.
Power of QR Codes: Manufacturers & Retail Elevate Customer Experience
QR codes link buyers and sellers, enabling a conversation about a variety of specific product information. They offer an inexpensive way for manufacturers and factories to place relevant data on their products and packages before they arrive at a retailer or distributor. Leveraging QR codes allows manufacturers and retailers to deepen relationships with their customers by easily providing valuable product information, coupons, surveys, marketing material, and instructions via accessible links to assist customers with purchase decisions while gathering consumer input.
Intelligent Barcode Inspection: ODV-2D Technology
Say goodbye to the frustrations of unscannable barcodes. ODV-2D technology from TSC Auto ID, an innovative barcode inspection print system, ushers in an era of operational efficiency and supply chain precision.
TSC Auto ID | PTX | Rapid Deployment

In the fast-paced world of business, every minute counts. When a critical printer in your high-security network goes down, the impact can be immediate and crippling. Lost productivity, delayed shipments, and frustrated customers – it's a scenario no one wants to face.

Use the TH DH Series to Easily Print Difficult Labels with High-Precision
In today's world, there is a great variety of media available to meet the growing demands of diverse printing applications. While having the ability to print long labels and specific labels for various vertical market applications is important, achieving precise printing is a different challenge altogether. These labels often pose difficulties as printers are typically designed for common or frequently used media. Additionally, printers need to be able to adjust for special or difficult media. That's where the TH DH Series comes in, offering an easy solution for printing difficult labels. The TH DH Series is specially designed to provide end users with precise label printing capabilities, with vertical DPI (dots per inch) being a key factor in achieving this level of accuracy.