A Journey of Growth and Innovation by Nancy Yan, Hangzhou Lan-Yu

A Journey of Growth and Innovation by Nancy Yan, Hangzhou Lan-Yu

Since 2002, we have grown from a modest sales revenue of 2 million RMB to an impressive 100 million RMB, becoming the leading distributor for TSC Auto ID in mainland China. This growth is a testament to our dedication to brand advocacy, market penetration, and customer service.

Our partnership with TSC Auto ID is built on trust and a shared vision. Together, we have invested significantly in brand promotion, ensuring TSC Auto ID's prominence in the industry. We have developed a professional team dedicated to deepening our market presence and establishing robust sales channels, earning high praise and recognition within the industry.

One memorable milestone is the Shandong Expressway project. Initially using a local Shandong brand's printers, we faced strong competition. However, through numerous on-site tests and iterations, we met the client's needs. TSC Auto ID's exceptional technical support and on-site implementation, ensuring no ticket was wasted, were crucial. This flexibility and support allowed us to replace 50% of the local brand's market share.

The Shandong Expressway project exemplifies the synergy between Hangzhou Lan-Yu and TSC Auto ID, highlighting our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver superior solutions.

Our partnership with TSC Auto ID has fostered growth and achievement. With our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, I am excited about our future together. The industrial and RFID printer markets offer immense opportunities, and I am confident we will achieve even greater success by leveraging our combined strengths.

A video interview is also available. Watch it here.