Faster Product Marking for Retail with Our TDP Series Performance Desktop Printers

Faster Product Marking for Retail with Our TDP Series Performance Desktop Printers

The retail industry continues to grow as demand for products increase. With this rapid expansion, it becomes increasingly difficult for outdated product-tracking systems to keep up with the high volume of customer orders being made. The amount of clerical and labeling errors also starts to rise, with label quality diminishing as legacy printers experience maintenance issues.

TSC Printronix Auto ID comes to your aid with a solution designed specifically to enhance your growing retail business so you can continue operating at full capacity: The TDP Series 2-Inch Performance Desktop Printers. Continue reading to learn why these printers are continuously selected by retailers due to their reliability, durability, ease of use, and programming support.

Maximize Profits with the TDP Series Performance Desktop Printers

TSC’s TDP Series 2-Inch Performance Desktop Printers offer fast print speeds, excellent print quality, multi-functional features, and are available at an affordable price. Its trouble-free performance over an extended lifespan eliminates the need for frequent and costly customer service calls, saving your business from work stoppages and financial loss. Improved label readability and accuracy also minimizes tracking and clerical errors, expediting processing and maximizing profits.

Easy to use, the TDP Series doesn’t require any special training for your employees. It features a clamshell design that allows you to simply open the cover and drop the labels in. These compact printers can be used ergonomically on a desk, retail counter, or mounted to a wall when space is limited.

An internal Ethernet adapter makes it easier to integrate the printer into your network, and we have an optional keyboard for printing labels in standalone or downtime situations. With its high performance print speeds and LCD display, tracking products has never been easier, ensuring your products arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there.

What Makes Our TDP Series the Right Printer for You?

Useful in many applications ranging from retail, healthcare, sports, entertainment events (models TDP-225W and TDP-324W), and asset tagging labels, this printer series offers a wide variety of features that also fits easily into areas that are too small for conventional printers. Fast printing speeds paired with the versatile platform supports standard industry language emulations. The TDP Series 2-Inch Performance Desktop Printers feature a 200 MHz processor, come standard with 4 MB Flash memory, 8 MB SDRAM, and a micro-SD expansion slot that increases flash storage up to 4 GB. This printer series can also sense and print price tags separated by gaps, black marks or notches, and the black-mark sensor can be adjusted from side to side.

It is one of the first low-cost, compact 2-inch desktop printers that provides an optional LCD display for easy tracking of print job status. With its durability, reliability, and commitment to innovation, the TDP Series is built with a high-performance engine that makes it ideal for many different applications.

  • Jewelry Tags
  • Retail Point-Of-Sale
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Product Marking
  • Healthcare Specimen Labeling
  • Healthcare Patient Tracking
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Small Office or Home Office Mailing
  • Shipping
  • File-Folder Labeling

One of the Most Reliable Printers on the Market

At TSC Printronix Auto ID, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best, high quality label printer in the industry. Our TDP Series 2-Inch Performance Desktop Printers will provide you with clear and accurate labels, eliminating clerical and labeling errors. You can easily track printer job status with the LCD display, and its easy-to-use, compact design allows you and your team to simply open the cover and drop labels into a spring-loaded 5-inch OD media bay. There is no need to train your team to use it.

Expedite workflow, worker productivity, and timely product delivery and processing with the TDP Series. Contact with your local representative today to get started or inquire online.