T4000 Series 4-Inch Enterprise Industrial RFID Printers

The enhanced T4000 models offer industrial printer features and RFID encoding at a much more affordable price compared to traditional mid-range RFID printers.

Industries and Applications

Warehouse & Fulfillment
Warehouse & Fulfillment
RFID On-Metal Labels
RFID On-Metal Labels
RFID Standard Labels
RFID Standard Labels
Shipping and Logistics
Shipping and Logistics

Due to their compact size, the T4000 RFID printers can fit into environments where space is limited but enterprise-level performance and RFID printing is a requirement.

T4000 RFID
T4000 RFID
T4000 RFID
T4000 RFID
T4000 RFID

Small, Fast, and Ready to Boost Productivity.

Our T4000 Enterprise RFID Printers feature our same compact and affordable design as our Printronix Auto ID enterprise industrial printers with the ability to print 5,000 labels a day at speeds of up to 10-inches per second. This series also includes RFID capability, Printronix System Architecture (PSA), with multiple connectivity options, remote printer management tools, and automated alerts to keep your enterprise operating at optimum efficiency and productivity.

The T4000 is an industrial printer with the ability to print and encode on standard RIFD labels and on-metals tags.

RFID upgrade kits are available for the T4000 standard model to provide customers a cost-effective solution to integrate RFID technology into their operation without the upfront investment.

    • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
      300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
    • Color LCD with buttons
      Color LCD with buttons
    • Ethernet
      Serial RS-232
      Serial RS-232
    • Bluetooth
    • PrintNet Enterprise
      SOTI Connect (license required)
      PrintNet Enterprise
      SOTI Connect (license required)
    • Industrial
    • Up to 10 ips (254 mm/s) @ 203 dpi
      Up to 7 ips (178 mm/s) @ 300 dpi
    • 4.1" (104 mm)
      4.1" (104 mm)
    • 128 MB
      128 MB
    • 128 MB
      128 MB
    • SD memory card reader; up to 32 GB
      SD memory card reader; up to 32 GB
    • 4.72" (120 mm)
      4.72" (120 mm)
    • Continuous Roll, Die-Cut, Fan-fold
      Continuous Roll, Die-Cut, Fan-fold
    • 450 Meters
      450 Meters
    • 4.3" (110 mm)
      4.3" (110 mm)
    • 1" (25.4 mm)
      1" (25.4 mm)
    • 0.25" Tear-Off; Peel-Off 1"
      0.25" Tear-Off; Peel-Off 1"
    • Rugged metal enclosure with bi-fold side panel
      Rugged metal enclosure with bi-fold side panel
    • Most major printer languages
      Most major printer languages

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Can I swap the printhead on the T4000 from 203 dpi to 300 dpi?

The printheads are interchangeable.

Can I upgrade my printer with W-Fi or Bluetooth in the field?
Yes! the W-Fi and Bluetooth options can be installed as field kits.
Do I need a tool to replace the printhead on the T4000?

Yes, you need a screwdriver – the printhead is retained in place by a single screw. The screw is very accessible and easily removed.

Does Printronix Auto ID offer supplies for the T4000?
Printronix Auto ID has a complete printer supplies offering designed to work optimally with the T4000.
Does the T4000 support HF RFID labels?
The T4000 only supports UHF Gen2 (ISO18000-6C) RFID labels and tags.
How do I calibrate the labels on my T4000 printer?

The control panel printer setup wizard provides an easy-to-follow calibration process. The Settings menu allows you to select the Gap/Mark sensor to match the type of media installed. In addition, you can set the printer to do an auto Calibrate at power up or when print station has been closed. In all cases the printer will advance a few labels and calibrate the sensors so that they will detect top-of-form.

How do I configure the T4000 RFID thermal Printer?
For loading media, ribbon, and label calibration, “How-to Videos” are available on the support section of our website, along with product manuals. If you are familiar with the T6000 and T8000 you will instantly recognize that the control panel, keypad layout and menu structure are the same on the T4000.
How easy is it to set up the T4000 for different RFID labels?

The T4000 RFID printer has an RFID label calibration feature in the RFID menu which makes it very easy to set up the printer for both standard RFID and on-metal RFID labels. The calibration process feeds 3-4 labels to determine the optimal encoding position and RF power levels.

How is the T4000 RFID thermal Printer positioned within the Printronix Auto ID thermal printer portfolio?
The T4000 is an entry-level industrial printer and bridges the gap between the T800 high-end desktop printer and the T6000 mid-range industrial printer. The common thread with all three printers, along with the Printronix T8000 high-end industrial printer, is the Printronix System Architecture (PSA) which provides a rich set of features and functions that can be used in a broad suite of thermal printing applications.
How long will the printhead last on the T4000?

For Thermal Transfer applications: printheads are warranted 12 months from shipment or 1 million linear inches (whichever comes first). For Direct Thermal applications: printheads are warranted 180 days from shipment or 1 million linear inches (whichever comes first).

I am currently using a printer from one of your competitors. Can the T4000 replace my printer and plug-and-play without additional effort and cost?
The T4000 supports emulations for most major competitor printers; Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Toshiba TEC, Intermec, Avery Denison (Monarch), Eltron, CAB, and IER. These emulations have been used on multiple Printronix Auto ID products and proven to be very robust.
I am currently using a printer from one of your competitors. Can the T4000 RFID replace my printer and plug-and-play without additional effort and cost?
Apart from the Printronix PGL RFID command set, the T4000 RFID thermal Printer also supports RFID printer commands for Zebra, Sato, and Avery Denison (Monarch). This makes the T4000 RFID printer easy to integrate into existing applications.
What are the on-metal tags used in my T4000?

On-metal tags (sometimes called metal-mount or anti-metal tags) are RFID tags that are designed to operate on items made of metal. The physical properties of metal serve to reflect RF signals and so a standard RFID label would be completely undetectable by an RFID reader. On-metal tags are typically constructed with a thin foam insulator to provide a space between the metal surface and the RFID inlay. On-metal tags are available in several constructions and the ones used with printers are typically up to 1mm thick due to the foam insulator. They also should include a “bridge” between the individual tags to ensure smooth transport through the print station.

What are the standard and optional communication interface ports for the T4000?

Standard Interfaces are: Serial, USB host/device and Ethernet. Optional Interfaces are: Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2.

What are the target applications for the T4000?
The T4000 attributes make it ideal for the following applications: • Transportation and logistics: Shipping/receiving, cross-docking, pick and pack • Manufacturing: Product / item labels, carton labels • Retail: Apparel, durable goods, shelf labels • Healthcare: Nursing stations, laboratories, pharmacy
What configurations are available on the T4000?
The T4000 is available in two configurations, Non-RFID and RFID. Both are available with either a 203dpi or 300dpi printhead and comes standard with Ethernet, USB Device / Host, and serial.
What is the warranty on the T4000 RFID thermal Printer?
The T4000 comes standard with a 1-Year Return to Depot warranty. Extended warranty packages are available. Please contact your Printronix Auto ID Territory Account Manager for more information.
What options are available with the T4000 RFID thermal Printer?
There are two host interface options: W-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2, and two media handling options: peel/rewind (partial roll rewind) and cutter. The RFID printer comes with the standard Tear feature, or an optional Cutter. All options are available as a factory and field option. The field installation requires a trained technician.
What RFID labels are supported on the T4000?
The T4000 supports a wide range of standard UHF RFID labels and On-Metal RFID tags. We can provide you with a list of validated labels and tags. This list is constantly undated as new RFID inlays and tags become available on the market and are validated on Printronix Auto ID printers in the RFID Label and Tag test lab.
What sets the T4000 apart from other brands of entry-level industrial thermal barcode printers in the market?
The T4000 is targeted for enterprise applications that demand high productivity, adaptability, and dependability in a compact footprint. • Productivity: The fast ARM Cortex microprocessor enables fast first label print and high print speed at up to 8ips, making the T4000 one of the most productive entry-level industrial printers available. • Adaptability: With the large competitor printer emulation suite, extensive communication capability, and small footprint, the T4000 adapts to a wide range of applications. • Dependability: The metal frame construction, wide temperature operating range, and high MTBF assures the T4000 to be a dependable and durable thermal printer.
What types of on-metal tags are supported on the T4000 RFID thermal Printer?
Unlike most thermal printers on the market today, the T4000 was designed from the ground up to support a variety of on-metal tags up to 1.2-mm thick.
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